After his own struggle, Freddy wants to be a guide for others

Freddy Perez is a new case manager at Renewed Hope.

Freddy Perez is a new case manager at Renewed Hope.

Growing up in New York where drugs and violence were prevalent prepared Freddy for his new role as a case manager at Renewed Hope. “In my younger years, I tried drugs and I saw some friends pass away from it. There was a time I didn’t focus on school and started down the wrong path.”

Freddy had loving parents that wanted the best for him. “My parents were strict and showed me tough love,” Freddy said. “When I started getting into drugs, they made me leave the house. I was homeless for three or four weeks.”

The feelings of isolation and loneliness are something Freddy still remembers. “I felt abandoned, unloved, unworthy—but it was all in my head.” Freddy now sees that his parents and especially God always loved him.

After struggling on the streets, Freddy made a choice. “I was on my way to addiction, but God saved me,” Freddy said. “I saw the heartache and what it was doing to my mom. When I came to God, I started to focus on school and reconciled with my parents.”

In his young adult years, Freddy met and married his wife and together they have four children. He and his wife prioritize serving in church.

The Christ-centered focus at Renewed Hope is what drew Freddy to work here. “I love that it’s a program where we guide them to follow God and that it leads them to recovery. I tell these guys they are here for a purpose and if God has not taken you then He has a purpose for you, big or small.”

Helping others see the purpose in their pain motivates Freddy. “At one time I couldn’t tell my story, but I’ve learned to put my pride aside. I want to be these guys’ spiritual parent and guide them and encourage them.

“This life is temporary, and I want to see souls saved. I can see that God is already working in these guys’ hearts.”