Parenting Class – Incentives Program

Through our collaboration with the Master in Social Work program at California State University Northridge, we host weekly parenting classes focused on empowering parents and supporting the whole family. Cynthia Lemus, a first year MSW student, co-leads the classes.

To support parents, Cynthia created an incentives program that rewards children for positive behaviors and promotes academic growth. After just a few months using the program, parents have seen a marked improvement in children’s behavior. Cynthia recalls her proudest moment, “[the children] had displayed the most challenging behaviors and were in large part the reason for the initiation of the program; to see them win the Superstar of the week award made us all very proud.”

Cynthia notes, “Their circumstances are so difficult; this program creates a lot of structure which is really helpful for parents who haven’t had stability. This really makes the mission so unique from other programs.”