Pint-Sized Super Hero Makes a Huge Difference

By day, mild mannered James is as you would expect a four-year-old to be; bright, cheery, active and busy at school and play. But what many don’t know is that he has a not-so-secret identity: He is Action Movie Kid!

James’ dad, Daniel Hashimoto is a visual effects artist who cleverly animates his son’s antics and adds death-defying action and stunts to his videos. With more than 300,000 subscribers, he is a pint-sized internet sensation.

But back to what really makes James a super hero. This past holiday season, he and his mom, Mandy, a treasured volunteer here at the mission, sparked the idea to host a drive at their school, Chatsworth Hills Academy. Student advisor Pam Green hopped on board and next thing you know, the whole school was gathering much-needed toys, giftwrap and supplies for our families.

James proudly delivered the supplies, carrying in boxes and bags as big as he was while Mandy looked on, “I just want him to grow up to be a good human being,” she shared, “he was so worried that the children might not like to play with the Legos that he bought for them, but I assured him they love Legos too!” As the donations were carefully stashed for the upcoming Holiday Store event, James went on to play and have lunch with the children at the shelter. They didn’t know they had Action Movie Kid in their midst, but then again, isn’t that the measure of a true hero?