Recycled Bicycles Bring Hope

Fleet Street Bicycles has been a community fixture for several years, offering bicycle repair and refurbishing as well as bicycle safety education. Fleet Street’s bicycle mechanics include residents of Pacific Lodge Youth Services in Woodland Hills who are trained by dedicated volunteers. The young men ages 13 to 18 are in the juvenile justice system and Fleet Street, a non-profit organization, provides them with a meaningful vocational program that builds skills as well as character.

Fleet Street’s Dana Sherman, their President Steve Musnicky, and San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission director Wade Trimmer built on their relationship to create a winning partnership. We typically receive over 100 bikes per month through our mission Thrift Stores, but most of them really need work in order to be safe and sellable. The young men from Pacific Lodge are fixing them and then we sell them in our Reseda store, with proceeds supporting both the Mission and Fleet Street.

The boys gain valuable work experience, our homeless outreach programs get a much-needed boost through the sale proceeds, and the customer gets a quality bike for a very reasonable price, with a 90-day guarantee. It’s really a win-win-win! We are so grateful to Fleet Street for our partnership on this.

After a long day working on bikes, Sherman took the Fleet Street crew to dinner. As he thanked them for a job well done, he noticed some of his team becoming emotional. “I have never been thanked for anything before,” shared one young man.

Only blocks from Fleet Street, the mission Thrift Store’s window is flush with fresh rides, and shoppers are responding with enthusiasm. We sold 14 bikes in the first 10 days without any signs or ads, and we expect business to be even more brisk when spring rolls around!

The partnership is looking to the community to help deepen the impact of the project by donating used bicycles, shopping for bicycles at the mission Thrift Store in Reseda, or by volunteering for either organization. The more bikes we process, the more lives are transformed! Together, San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission and Fleet Street are “Bringing Hope and Happiness – One Bike at a Time.”