Striving to Serve More Families

Opening the 90-bed family shelter last year was the culmination of years of planning and work, but we knew when it opened that we would need to do much more. As the housing and homelessness crisis deepens in Los Angeles and in the San Fernando Valley, the need for solutions is growing quickly and it is demanding swift and innovative action on our part. With 2016 now underway, we have our sights set on these priorities to improve the availability and success of our programs:

  1. We are working diligently on opening the 30-bed emergency shelter. This shelter will be on the same campus as our 90-bed family shelter, and will provide emergency shelter for those in need.
  2. We are also looking to develop more partnerships with organizations and individuals in order to provide long-term housing for those families that are ready to move into their own home once again.
  3. Work opportunities for our guests are always on our minds and we are looking to partner with employers to help our guests find work that will sustain them and their families.
  4. With the need for affordable housing now acute, we will be working closely with city and county officials to see more affordable housing projects completed.
  5. 60% of our guests are children, and a crucial element to their success will be how well they do in school. This year we will continue to focus on supporting ‘our’ children’s educations.

I invite you to join us in expanding our reach! Your time, treasures and talents are needed and appreciated. Please call me to set up an appointment today, (818) 785-4476.