Volunteer Shining Star: Raquel

Raquel has been a San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission Volunteer since January 2016. She is a shining star in the mission’s kitchen, creating and serving beautiful, healthy meals for the residents. Additionally, she shares her love and kindness to the children, spending quality time with them. She enjoys being able to play with the children after brunch on weekends and seeing them smile when she is here on weeknights. Her father and grandmother embedded the importance of helping others within Raquel at a very young age.

Volunteering at the rescue mission has given her a chance to help better the community: it gives her a sense of purpose and has helped her establish stronger relationships with others. Her fondest memories about her work here at the mission are playing with the kids and bringing them Easter baskets. She feels “it is good to help the kids have a normal holiday and to help them create fun memories, even if the other aspects of their lives may not be so glorious.” Thank you, Raquel, for your sincere compassion and service to the residents at the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission.


  1. She LOVES to eat, yet her friends ask her, “Where does it all go?”
  2. Her family has opened up four orphanages: Three in the Philippines and one in India. A fifth is on its way!
  3. She served in the Navy as an administrator.
  4. She does not know how to cook for only two people!