Wade’s Word: More Guests, More Thanksgiving Blessings

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and as you read this, we will be in our state-of-the-art kitchen whipping up dinner for 750 of our dear friends and neighbors. In case you are curious what that takes, here is a partial shopping list:

  • 400 pounds of Turkey
  • 75 loaves of bread
  • 375 pounds of mashed potatoes
  • 900 dinner rolls
  • 600 ounces of greens
  • 40 bottles of salad dressing
  • and 94 home made pies.

All of this goodness will be served by a legion of volunteers and friends at a wonderful sit-down dinner at The Church on The Way.

With holiday milestones such as these, I am reminded just how blessed our community has been this past year. I am so deeply grateful for our community that really came together to make #HomeAgain a reality. People like Emily Henderson and her entire team of designers, suppliers and friends who helped to make our ‘house’ a home. Friends like our LA City Councilmembers Mitchell Englander, Paul Krekorian, Felipe Fuentes, Nury Martinez and our Northridge neighbors who have welcomed us with open arms. My staff, April Lindh, Melissa Champion, Rebecca Wells, Audrey Cocar, Angela Pacheco, Christine Gregorchuck, Luisa Ongpauco, Jim Brown, Bob Chun, Sean Rogers, and Eli Ramirez. To our guests and clients who allow us the gift of being part of their lives and inspiring us to overcome our own challenges. For God and His continued grace over our lives. I am humbled by all of our volunteers and donors who give generously of their time and finances. And to our friends and family members who support and encourage us along the way, I am thankful.