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Angela and her 5 children—including a newborn—take time to regroup

Angela and her four children are staying at Home Again, the Mission’s family shelter.

Angela and her four children are staying at
Home Again, the Mission’s family shelter.

After her parents were divorced, Angela and her brother lived with her father, and they moved often. “My dad moved us a lot, so my mom wouldn’t be able to find us,” Angela said. “He was physically and sexually abusive to me and my brother.”

No one knew about the abuse that Angela and her brother endured. “My dad threatened that if we told anyone he would beat us up,” she said. “My mom didn’t even know.”

She and her brother rarely saw their mom, but after begging to call her one day, Angela was able to tell her where they were located. “I told my mom that if I stayed with my dad, I would kill myself. So she told my dad she wanted to take us on a vacation, and after that, we never went back.”

From middle school and on, Angela stayed with her mom. After high school, she became a certified nurse’s assistant. Over the next several years, Angela was in and out of relationships and became a mother to four children. “Earlier this year I ended a relationship and was financially drained,” she said. “We were renting a mobile home from my mom, but she had to sell the place.” We had no place to go.”

The stress put Angela into labor and she had her baby. An advocate at the pregnancy center told her about the Mission. “All of the children were able to come,” she said. “Many places I called either didn’t take any kids or one only.

“I am thankful I don’t have to worry about our next meal or where to sleep.”

Angela is taking parenting classes. “They are so helpful,” she said. “I am learning that I need to give grace because they are learning and adjusting like I am. We are both going through things together at the same time.”

She’s also been taking finance and budgeting classes and has been able to save money. “Before coming here I had to sell my car, but while I’ve been here, I have been able to buy a car and still save money for when we get housing.”

The staff has been a great support, Angela added. “I love the staff. They are always here to listen, and my 12-year-old knows she can talk to anyone here.”

The prayer and care Angela has experienced at Home Again has given her hope. “I have found God here. The love of God is around the kids. We are treated with dignity and the prayer is powerful. It is all overwhelming but in a very good way.”


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