Rescue S.O.S.

Survival Outreach Services

The mission’s mobile shower program is a creative way to meet the needs of those living on the streets while building trust. Delivering showers and meals to where people already are, helps build relationships that lead to positive steps addressing the root causes of their homelessness and a path to recovery.

We partner with area churches and currently have sites all over San Fernando Valley where our guests can take a shower, enjoy a meal, and build relationships with volunteers and members of the local church, as well as connect with a case manager. The mobile shower unit provides thousands of showers each year while assisting clients with other services they desperately need, including haircuts, food, clothing, and hygiene products so they can have a fresh start in their day.

For more information on our S.O.S. program, contact Alejandro Galindo at 818-691-2965.

Rescue Mission mobile showers

Current Locations

Monday - Friday

Showers: 9 AM to 12 PM
Hot Meal: 10 AM

Reality LA Hope Center
4903 Fountain Ave, North Hollywood
Fountain/N Edgemont


Showers: 9 AM to 12 PM
Food Distribution: 10 AM

West Valley Food Pantry
5700 Rudnick Ave., Woodland Hills
Rudnick/Collins near Burbank/Shoup


Showers: 9 AM to 12 PM
Hot Meal: 10 AM

Faith Harvest
8756 Woodley Ave, North Hills


Showers: 7:30 AM to 11 AM
Hot Meal: 9 AM

St. Charles Borromeo Church
10825 Moorpark St., North Hollywood


Showers: 7:30 AM to 10:30 AM
Hot Meal: 8:30 AM

Freedom Center
9200 Owensmouth St, Chatsworth

Video Transcript

[00:00] There’s nothing like being able to just shower. Would like them to be a little bit longer, but I still enjoy them. They are awesome.

[00:16] My name is Jim Brown. I'm the homeless Navigator with the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission shower program. My role is to basically accompany the SOS program, which is our mobile shower and clothing units, and do on-site case management for the guests that attend.

[00:40] Hi my name is Trinity Romero. I’ve been coming to the Rescue Mission mobile showers for almost 4 years.

[00:48] My name is AJ, I’m homeless. I’ve been doing this for about 30 months now and been utilizing the showers for about 2 years.

[01:04] The ultimate goal is to try and work to get them off the streets and into stable housing. That's the ultimate goal, and then to also work on bringing them to Christ.

[01:18] Well, I have no plumbing. Like I said, I had an electric cord and I had a TV and refrigerator, but no toilet and no bathroom.

[01:27] I just got diagnosed that I was in remission but this could happen again so we’re looking for remission.

[01:40] Well, the shower program was started a few years back. The unit, that was actually donated by the Andy Gump Corporation, and basically it just filled the need in the community for showers for the guests and what we found is that the shower program and what it provides restores dignity to people that are on the street.

[02:12] We want to feel as homeless people, like everybody else. So we're trying to present a different way.

[02:20] They don’t only help us out with the shower part, but also with soap and shampoo, tooth paste, tooth brush, and everything. So this really helps out with what they needed, and when they need it.

[02:36] I’ve lived here in the San Fernando Valley for 49 years. So if all these other people are from here too. You know they don't want to leave here because they have people here like family or kids.

[02:50] I’m a full-time college student going to Kaplan University online. I’m studying to be in human services. I’m going to be an advocate for the homeless. Most of my time is spent studying and doing school work and doing everything I can to help everyone I know.

[03:13] They were all stable at once. They all had homes at one point and to be a shower unit that's pretty much like one you would find at home keeps them connected and I think keeps them hopeful that they’ll, you know, someday be back in that situation.

[03:33] Before I came out here, I was working on school, I was working, I had my own place and everything and was trying to get my life together, and then my past caught up with me, and it drug me back here kicking and screaming.

[03:48] We didn't want to be homeless, you know? I did not want to be homeless, but I'm in this situation so I'll take care of it.

[03:58] We’re not trying to be this way, it’s just circumstances that brought us here. And a lack of tools to be able to get ourselves out of this.

[04:06] Thank God for them for helping people out down here. It's rough for these homeless people and  it makes a big difference for us to take a shower.

[04:15] So I'm not going to let this homelessness take me into a dark side. I'm going to make it a light side. And anything I can do to help you guys get this out more, I'm going to do it.

[04:29] Everything I go through, I end up growing from it, and learning it. So, I just apply all the things I've been through, and try to help others get through their situation.

[04:38] We’re not asking a handout, we’re asking for a helping hand until we can get everything settled, and that's it.