Help End Hunger & Homelessness

Every dollar helps change a life! Thank you for supporting our mission.

You can help end hunger and homelessness in the San Fernando Valley by giving a financial gift of any size. Your gift will help provide meals, clean clothing, vocational training, shelter, and life-changing services to our homeless neighbors. Consider making your gift monthly. Click here to donate today. You can mail any donations by check to: P O Box 8073 Van Nuys, CA 91409-8073

Easily Manage Your Online Giving

Our secure system can save your information so it's all there the next time you make a financial gift. Plus, when you set up your account you'll be able to update your credit card information and manage your recurring donations.

Other Ways to Give

Drop-offs are accepted at the mission’s front gate (8756 Canby Ave., Northridge) Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Please use the intercom button for assistance, or if you prefer no-person-contact, leave items at the gate and notify reception through the intercom before leaving. Items accepted: Food, needs list items, hygiene products, hand sanitizer, sanitation wipes, frozen, ready-to-go meals.

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Donate Clothes & Household Items

You can donate your clothing, shoes, or household items

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Donate Food & Hygiene Products

We accept food and personal hygiene donations. A small donation can help people in need.

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Donate a Vehicle

Have a car you need to dispose of? Donate it to the Rescue Mission!

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Donate Real Estate

If you own property and would like to make a charitable gift, please contact us today.

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Donate Stocks

The benefits of donating appreciated securities (either stocks or mutual funds) are tremendous.

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Estate Planning

Estate planning may be the most important act of stewardship any of us will ever undertake.

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