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Newly Graduated Jose Calls Renewed Hope Program a ‘Big Blessing’

When Jose was facing charges at the beginning of last year, he asked for a drug program. “I knew if I wasn’t ordered, I wouldn’t go,” he said. “I kept asking myself, ‘If I can do it on my own, why haven’t I?’ My life was spiraling out of control.”

Now, a year later, he is a program graduate and has entered the Transitional Living Program. “I like that it is affordable living and its own program down the street, but you are not 100 percent on your own,” Jose said. “I think that’s so crucial. That’s when everything is put to the test. All the skills I’ve acquired will come in handy. I’m at that point. I feel confident.”

Jose was rebellious from a young age, pushing back against his strict parents. He skipped school and ended up at the police station often. “I thought I was having fun, but I was really just digging myself into a hole of bad habits and a bad lifestyle,” Jose said. “That’s when my drug addiction really kicked off.”

Jose started smoking marijuana in sixth grade, and moved onto meth and cocaine in ninth grade. He had a son shortly before his 16th birthday, and tried to clean up. A few years later, Jose got into a new relationship and had a daughter, now 10. The couple got married and went on to have five children. “We had a lot of relationship problems, and it really made me drown myself in negative habits,” Jose said. “I was verbally abusive. The police were called. Eventually CPS got involved. I ended up alone without my family.”

Child Protective Services ended up taking Jose’s children, but thankfully they were placed with his parents. He entered Renewed Hope. He’s now a graduate and is looking for work. “Overall I have way more tools in my arsenal to deal with things that come my way,” he said. “I’m in a way better place mentally, spiritually, emotionally. I’m more confident. They are advocating for me, and helping me advocate for myself.

“They have helped me work out some of the issues that are really rooted into why I seek refuge in drugs. We’ve gone deep into the core of what drove me there and worked on those scary things and how to face them, and that’s with God of course.”

Jose’s children are still with his parents, and they see each other often. “The staff here has been really helpful in doing whatever it takes in order to make that possible.”

Jose, now 31, has goals for his future. “I am really close to finishing high school, and I’m working on it here,” he said. “After that, I’ve been talking to Rick (Renewed Hope’s program manager), and he’s been really supportive of me getting enrolled in classes to become an anger management counselor.

“The staff here really has genuine care. I don’t think I’d be able to tackle some of the things I’ve been able to without the trust and confidence I have in their care for me. I’m just glad this place exists. It’s a big blessing.”

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