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Ryan and Roy

Volunteers take on different roles here at the Mission: dinner host, receptionist, childcare provider. Each volunteer is an important part of the success of the Mission. The Jeong Family are dedicated volunteers that assist in different ways throughout the community. In addition to volunteering at the Mission, they volunteer at their local library and at school. When Roy and Angela Jeong became involved at the Mission, they wanted their son Ryan to see serving others as a regular part of life. Ryan and Roy come to the Mission every Sunday night after dinner, ready to work. With great devotion, they grab a broom and mop and start to deep clean the fridge, kitchen, and family dining room, helping to keep everything looking nice for our families. When each of our guests enters the Mission, we want them to know that they are valued. A clean, beautiful space, like the one Ryan and Roy help us to provide, allows our guests a feeling of dignity in this time of crisis. Ryan admits, “Sometimes it’s hard to work on Sunday nights, but it’s worth it to help others.” He has learned from this experience how it is important to treat each person with respect. He encourages other kids to volunteer like he does, as he believes kids his age do not always think that they can make a difference. But through a little hard work, they can change someone’s perspective during hard times and bring a little beauty into the lives of others.

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