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One Mom’s Holiday Wish: Stability

Angie watches her children playing and her calm demeanor is very different from what we saw only weeks ago when she arrived at the family shelter. Being a victim of domestic violence and now a single mom of three has been difficult, shared Angie, “As a single mom, it’s all on you. You’re the ‘daddy’ and working, AND you’re the home mom too! Some days I was just so busy and stressed out that I didn’t even eat.” The frustrating lack of stability of low-paying jobs created an all-too-common scenario: Angie and her children were left homeless.

Being without a stable home has had a huge impact on Angie’s children. Blake loves school, Brittany loves to swim and Maya loves horses. But for a period of 4 months, the children could not go to school. “It’s so hard to see the children sad,” said Angie tearing up, “Maya keeps saying she wants a home. With the Holidays upon us, it is going to be hard.”

With her experience as a caregiver, Angie hopes to find the stability she so yearns for, “I just want a stable job and income so that I can provide a home for my kids and they can go to one school.”

The family shelter is providing Angie and her children a safe and comfortable home as well as the time to plan for a brighter future. We will work with Angie on strategies to find sustainable work as well as help shore up her finances so that she can create a safety net for her family. More importantly, we will shine the light of God on her family’s path to remind them that with Him, all things are possible.

Angie is grateful for all that the SFVRM has shared and has this to say to the donors who help make it possible, “It’s the little things that make us happy, and we appreciate it ALL! We are thankful and blessed.”

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