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Volunteers from The Church at Rocky Peak came out in full force to support the Mission, lending their hands at the Home Again family shelter and at Renewed Hope properties, home of the men’s Life Recovery Program. At the shelter in Northridge, a group of 30 volunteers cleaned up the patio and playground areas, washed windows, swept, dusted and sanitized. They planted four trees—three lemon and one avocado—and added mulch to the garden. They also sanded and repainted the picnic tables and donated two umbrellas for those tables. And for an especially fun surprise, they assembled and sanitized new car toys for the kids.

“Rocky Peak was a blessing to have at our site,” said Josie Casarrubias, Home Again’s program manager. “They were a breath of fresh air and a wonderful reminder that we need to continue to prepare and be ready for a new season of hope and love for all the families that God will bring to the shelter. COVID changed many things around here, but we are excited and looking forward to being able to continue the calling to serve in this ministry alongside our partners and the community.”

Josie said that the volunteers even brought their families along to help out. “They enjoyed the opportunity to engage as a family in a cause that they all deeply care about,” Casarrubias said. “Jason Wang, the group leader, was so intentional in making sure he connected with us so that we could communicate what we needed to get done, rather than just proposing a project. To me this speaks volumes about their hearts and their sincere desires to serve and not just have a feel-good volunteer opportunity.”

Volunteers visited Renewed Hope’s East Hollywood Winona property, where a partner ministry is also using the building. The focus was beautification. The team created two garden areas in the front of the building and planted ferns. They also cleared out much of the debris and weeds that have grown up over time in the back of the house, revealing a patio that staff is now brainstorming on how to utilize.

“This help could not have come at a better time as we move into spring and the plants are starting to thrive again,” said Rick Chamness, program manager at Renewed Hope. “But the best part of the project was getting to work alongside people who love us and want to see our ministry succeed. We rounded out our day by being able to show the volunteers exactly how much they’ve done for us by showing them the renovation at our Sunset property. We look forward to future partnership with Rocky Peak and the amazing and generous people there!

“As always, it has been our pleasure to partner with The Church at Rocky Peak. In fact, Renewed Hope really owes its existence to them! They were instrumental in helping us to get our initial facility renovated and they provided the funds to help us open our doors. So, to be able to continue to serve with them every year is fantastic!”

Jason said his group at Rocky Peak is committed to volunteering at the Mission. “We believe in what the Mission does and we grow through service,” he said. “The Mission is a safe place for growth and development for a very vulnerable group of people to help get them back on their feet. Additionally, it helps us as volunteers to grow in service to others—one of the main callings of people dedicated to following God.”

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