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Wade’s Word – December

The other day, I was sorting through some memorabilia in my garage, and I came across a photo from 23 years ago. The photo was of Dave, a homeless man who I had case managed in my early career. I was not able to share this story with him before he passed away from complications related to his addiction. It was the night of our Christmas party for our homeless friends in Hollywood. Dave, a Hollywood legend, loved to wear fake fur coats. On the evening of our Christmas party, I presented Dave with a fur coat that I had been saving for several months. He was elated and so grateful when he opened it. The party continued and I saw Dave talking to a young man who had recently become homeless. I heard Dave say, “It’s cold outside, do you have a jacket?” The young man said, “No, all of my stuff was stolen.” Dave took his coat off and put it around the young man’s shoulders. “Here,” he said, “Merry Christmas.” Dave taught me so much, but this was the greatest lesson of all. We all have something to give. As you celebrate this Holiday Season, I hope you discover what it is that you have to give.

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