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Wade’s Word – March

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Someone recently asked me how we define success at the mission and I thought it would be meaningful for you to hear my response. It is important to know that we deal not only with physical poverty, but also with relational poverty (lack of relationships) and spiritual poverty (lack of hope). Many of the people that we serve deal with a poverty of success; they have never experienced success or a sense of “winning” in their lives. As my friend Duncan says, “Some people are born with a headwind and some people are born with a tailwind.” We define success not only by accomplishments but by progress. Sometimes that looks like someone getting a job and other times it may look like someone deciding to care for their hygiene. Often, success can look like getting up in the morning and holding onto the hope, that today could be better than yesterday. Whatever the case, we think it is important to celebrate success in context to each individual’s journey. In that case, there are so many things to celebrate each day!

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