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Creating New Hope At Renewed Hope

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Homeless. Drug Dealer. Addict. Gang Leader. These are a few of the monikers that have been attached to our guests. Each man has come to us with a past. Each man has come to us at a critical turning point. Each man has come to us in need of a renewed hope. This is what we are striving to give them each day.

Located in the heart of Los Angeles, Renewed Hope received its first guest on August 26, 2019. Our program exists to help men identify and deal with the underlying issues that are responsible for their addictions and life controlling issues. We do this by providing one on one counseling, discipleship classes, work opportunities, and chances to serve the community. We work closely with a local church and their ministry to the homeless in our area. Our men help prepare and cook meals for the homeless each week as a way to serve the community in which we reside.

Our men recently participated in a march to bring awareness to modern day slavery and human trafficking. They were so impacted by participating in this event; they haven’t stopped asking for more opportunities to be involved in other movements that draw attention to important social change.

One of the most encouraging developments over the past two months is the decision of Carlos Santos to follow Jesus. He began his journey towards Christ during his last stay in jail. This movement has come to full fruition in his decision to be baptized on December 17 at our partner church, Reality L.A., here in East Hollywood. We rejoice with him and his decision.

Barber. Salesman. Chef. Interventionist. These are some of the monikers that our guests are moving toward in their recovery. Each man is being reminded that their identity does not reside in the life that they left, but in the life that they are moving towards. And most importantly, they are being reminded every day the most important identity they have is ‘Child of God’.

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