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Guests Learn Valuable Job Skills In Whole Foods Employment Workshop

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Whole Foods staff engaged our guests with a workshop on a recent Saturday morning, proving to be both helpful and fun. The job readiness workshop energized the guests to consider changing some of their employment practices to build better job skills. “I realized that what I need to change immediately at work is my body language and my attitude,” one guest shared. “I didn’t realize these things actually communicated something to those around me.”

For others, participating in a mock interview at the end of the workshops was the most valuable. “I was able to put in practice what I had just learned and this was really helpful,” said another guest. Simple tips such as appropriate phone use also made an impact. Another guest shared: “I learned that being on your phone, even before your interview starts, can deter some employers.”

With the barriers our families face in overcoming homelessness, we want to provide the best and most effective resources for each parent to get the kind of job they can succeed in.

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