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A Look Back At A Joyous And Successful Year At The Mission

Mom with child

2018 brought a lot of hope to the Mission. We celebrated major milestones in the lives of our guests, including first birthdays and 90th birthdays, and we celebrated students graduating high school and receiving scholarships from our Rotarian partners. The Mission even celebrated its 20th anniversary in the community this past September. We watched the community come together for our guests through donation drives, dinner hosting, all-serve church days, and even dentists volunteered their time with our guests to get check-ups. We also welcomed five newborns into the shelter in 2018!

Our annual Family Thanksgiving Feast and Christmas Banquet were again great successes. More than 500 meals were served at both, and we were able to share love, compassion, and dignity with our community members in need. The Mission’s Survival Outreach Services program (S.O.S.) provided showers, meals, grooming, clothing, and case management services to hundreds of community members last year alone.

The San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission isn’t just a place people can find food and a roof over their head; it’s a place where people can press the “restart” button on their lives and begin to thrive again. It’s a place where you hear laughter in the halls of kids knowing they are safe and can play; it’s a place families can find support to succeed again and make it back home; it’s a place where help and love can be found. This helping hand can only be done by the coming together of our community, volunteers, and donors. Thank you to all those who supported the Mission in 2018, helping to give our guests a platform on which to thrive.

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