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At the Mission, we not only focus on families experiencing homelessness, but we also serve individuals who have been chronically homeless and living on the streets for many years. Sheila is one individual who has been a part of our community for several years. She first started coming to our S.O.S. shower program each week to get a hot shower and a free lunch. As the years passed, Sheila realized that she was receiving more than just her basic needs. The reason Sheila came each week was because of the loving community. “I love all of you for caring!” Sheila announced after getting a nice hot shower at our Friday Chatsworth shower truck location. She is overwhelmed with the help she has received. Recently, our Homeless Navigator, Jim Brown, was able to help her move into a supportive housing apartment. Sheila now has a place to call home after seven years of living on the streets. Sheila is one of thousands on the streets of L.A. who have fallen on difficult times, lost their housing, and ended up stuck in homelessness. Through our S.O.S. program, we strive to walk side by side with individuals like Sheila to escape the grasps of poverty and homelessness.

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