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Women’s Mentoring Group

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In March 2017, we launched a women’s mentoring group headed up by a long-time friend of the mission, Laura Robbins. We started with a vision of creating a safe space for women to provide encouragement, support, and guidance for each other. Laura recruited our first 13 mentors and matched those with 13 women who either were currently in the shelter or had moved out recently. The group has evolved to a monthly meeting where guest speakers share on a specific topic and then the women break into small groups for discussion and sharing. The meeting is a place where the women can share their challenges, fears, and dreams for the future in a supporting and caring environment. One of the mentees shared, “It’s great knowing successful women who went through what you’ve been through. It’s a reminder not to be afraid to share your story and not to limit yourself and your success for any reason.” The mentees are not the only ones to benefit from the group. One of the mentors shared of her experience, “We all feel pain. We all suffer. We all feel joy. We all want to be loved. It doesn’t matter what chapter we are in in our lives, there is a commonality in how we feel and what we need. Being exposed to the courage in others who are willing to share vulnerably has allowed me to cultivate a broader sense of compassion, openness, and empowerment. It has truly been an honor.” We plan to continue to grow the group and expand the topics covered. In the coming months, mentors will be speaking on employment, education, and success in the workplace. Thank you to all of the mentors for sharing your life experiences and areas of expertise with the group!

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