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A Place to Catch her Breath

Grandma Martha headshot

Walking into the mission today, you will be greeted by one of our guests, Martha. Martha is affectionately called, “Grandma” by some of our younger guests.

She and her daughter Denise became homeless after Denise was laid off. When the economy took a downward turn, Denise was unable to find a job. After going through all of their savings, both Denise and Martha ended up without a place to live.

Martha and Denise were thankful to learn about our Family Center from a family friend. Since moving in, Martha calls her time here, “A minute to catch my breath.” She said, “It is not a time to stop fighting but a moment to take a breath and then move on.” For this moment, you will find Martha sitting in her favorite chair crocheting baby blankets she makes for teenage mothers. She loves to give back and appreciates the generosity of the donors, volunteers, and staff at the rescue mission. She said, “I heard that kind people like this existed, but I had never met them before now.” She is amazed by how people will give their time and money expecting nothing in return.

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