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Angel is just your average teenage boy. He is a senior in high school, loves cars, likes to hang out with his friends, and every night after dinner at the mission you’ll find him diligently completing his chore of taking out the trash.

“Before my family came to the mission, I did not really care much about anything. When we moved in and were told about all of the rules and the structure. I really struggled at first. I can honestly say now it has changed my life because it has kept me off the streets and staying out of trouble.”

This month Angel is set to graduate from high school. In the fall, he will be moving out to Wyoming to complete a degree in Automotive Technology at WyoTech; Mechanic Repair Training on a scholarship.

“I grew up around mechanics and so that space is comfortable for me. Most of my siblings and a few of my cousins never graduated from high school. They told me that is where they messed up and they encouraged me not to be like that. My goal for the future is eventually to own and operate my own mechanic shop.”

Not only will Angel be one of the only members of his family to graduate from high school, but he is also the first in his family to pursue higher education. To have the opportunity to receive a scholarship and go out of state for school is even more than he ever thought possible. We are so happy to celebrate with Angel as he graduates and to see him pursuing his dreams this fall.

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