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Scholarship Helps a Family’s Dreams Come True

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What a difference a year makes. In 2017, Eric Galloway, along with his wife and four children, was a guest at the shelter. Now, Eric is attending Freidman College’s locksmithing school on a $5,000 scholarship, and he and his family are in their own home.

Eric and his wife Raya displayed drive and a commitment to their family during their stay, during which Eric was invited to apply for a scholarship through the Granada Hills Rotary Club. As part of the application process, Eric completed an essay and interview in which he explained his goals for the future and how the scholarship would help him reach those goals. “I dream of providing a better future for my children,” he wrote. “I want to encourage and inspire them to be successful in life.”

I dream of continuing my education, preparing myself in every way to be a better person, and being a great role model for my children.”

In December, the Rotary Club hosted a luncheon at the Mission and presented Eric with the $5,000 scholarship. The group felt Eric displayed a strong work ethic and a commitment to better himself. He has begun the 16-week program and looks forward to graduating with a certificate that will help him provide for his family and continue to advance his career. We couldn’t be more proud of this deserving young man. Thank you to Granada Hills Rotary Club for helping to make Eric’s dreams come true!

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