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Dance party

When a new family joins our program, they work with our case managers to develop a plan for their family. Their case plan details the steps that they will take to work on childcare, employment, housing and many other needs for their family. Parents work hard throughout their stay at the Mission to achieve their goals and get back on their feet. But like everyone else, our guests need opportunities to leave their stresses behind, laugh with their friends and families, and cut loose a bit.

Recently, friends of the Mission Bob and Anne Lee, hosted a Friday night dance party for our current and former guests. They brought in a professional DJ, a dance instructor, and delicious desserts to share. Our guests were able to relax and have a great time, dancing the night away.

One guest said: “The joy of dancing is universal. When everyone was on the dance floor, it was impossible to tell who was homeless, who was a therapist, and who was shelter staff. We were all the same and felt the same rhythm and happiness.” Before long, everyone was on the dance floor. The kids and adults took turns choreographing and performing their own routines as the kids challenged the adults to a dance off. Another guest thanked the Lees for “helping me clear my mind and hear the beat of my heart.” We are grateful to Bob, Anne, and their friends for sponsoring an amazing evening for our guests!

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