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Home for the Holidays

Mireya with family

The holidays can be a difficult time of year for families here at the Mission. Our guests sacrifice family traditions, big dinners, and gifts as they work to better their lives and get back on their feet. For that reason, our staff and volunteers work hard throughout the season to make the holidays special.

Mireya was eight months pregnant when she and her daughter Daniella moved into the Mission last year. During their four-month stay, she gave birth to her youngest daughter Emely. It wasn’t easy for Mireya, as she balanced caring for a newborn and a toddler, while living in a shelter and trying to provide for her family.

During the holiday season, Mireya was grateful for the opportunity to attend our annual Christmas Toy Store to pick out gifts for her daughters. Just two days before Christmas, she was able to move her family into their own apartment. Even though she had no decorations and no tree, she felt incredibly lucky to be able to put the girls’ gifts in the corner for them to wake up to on Christmas morning.

Through our partnership with Ralphs, Mireya was hired to work in the deli and she is currently being trained to be a bookkeeper for the store. “I never thought I’d be on this side of my story,” Mireya said. “I never thought I’d be able to have the things I have now, to be able to go from zero to having a car, an apartment, a job, and stability.”

Mireya is now looking forward to her second Christmas in her own home with her girls. Now that her family is stable, she hopes to inspire others to keep believing in themselves and working toward their dreams.

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