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A Summer Family Tradition

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Through our on-going partnership, over twenty of our guests have gained employment at local Ralphs Grocery Stores in the past year. These employment opportunities are a huge stepping stone on the pathway out of homelessness and into stable housing for our families. One former shelter guest, Crystal, found a support system among her co-workers at Ralphs, “They won’t let you give up, which is important. They push you when you doubt yourself and help you to see that you’re worth it!” We are grateful for the many ways Ralphs supports our guests throughout the year.

Recently, for the second year in a row, our families were invited to attend the Ralphs Annual Beach Day Picnic. This picnic is hosted by Ralphs to honor their employees and their families with a day of outdoor fun. Ralphs provided fun activities for everyone to enjoy; delicious food, raffle prizes, games, and bounce houses. The families were even able to get their faces painted during the picnic. As activities wrapped up for the day, one of the children proudly shared, “My favorite part of the day was watching my mom’s face get painted like a zebra!”

The beach day was a much-need break for our families, allowing them to take part in a fun family tradition. It wouldn’t be summer in Southern California without spending a day at the beach with family and friends. Thanks Ralphs, for supporting our families throughout the year!

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