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Wade’s Word – July

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In Los Angeles County, homelessness is perhaps the most critical issue facing our citizens. My deepest desire is to see every man, woman, and child in Los Angeles feel loved, grow in hope, experience peace, and have a safe place to sleep each night. While we are not able to help everyone, I am grateful that we are able to help some. We open our doors and our hearts to them each day. We pursue relationships with them when many choose not to do so. We are an organization that does more than end homelessness. We provide people with opportunities, relationships, and inspiration that give them a chance to experience love, hope, peace, and safety. Those who come to us for help are incredibly courageous. They are courageous in believing that life will improve. They are courageous to trust that we care about them when some of them have not been shown care—ever. They are courageous to rebuild their lives, though many of them have lost everything. I implore you to reach out in response to the thousands of people who don’t have a safe place to sleep tonight. Take action. But the first action we must take is to make a decision that this problem is ours to fix. The people of this city have an incredible opportunity to put an end to homelessness and hopelessness by extending compassion to our community members who have significant challenges. It is my greatest hope that we join together to live up to our name. We are the City of Angels, and this city needs Angels now more than ever.

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