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Wade’s Word – November

Boy at Dodgers game

Last month I told you about our desire to provide mentors for the boys who call the mission their home. Thanks to Adrian Gonzalez, the first baseman for the LA Dodgers, we were able to take 20 boys with their mentors to a Dodgers game.
The anticipation of the Dodgers game was almost palpable as children and mentors filled the buses with laughter and boisterous conversations about what we would do when we arrived. “I’m going to throw the ball so far, just watch!” The kids shuffled around in their seats excited to be sitting next to their mentors. We were so happy to tour the field and meet with staff who greeted us with Dodger goodie bags. As I watched the children play catch with their mentors, I couldn’t help but smile at what was happening. This was more than a game of catch; this was a life moment that would resonate within us all for years to come. With the help of the community, these boys knew at that moment that they mattered.

It is through partnerships with the community that we change lives for good!

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