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Wade’s Word – September

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A few weeks ago, we received a donation of water bottles from a local elementary school. The fourth grade students raised some money to purchase smiley face water bottles for all of the kids who live at the shelter. They know that summers are hot around here and it’s important to drink plenty of water. Each bottle contained a handwritten note from a student. I wanted to share the content of one of the notes with you.

“Hello, my name is Jared and, as a child who faced a tiny food insecurity, I know how you or others feel. The things that take my mind off this or stressful things include painting and drawing. I hope whatever happens gets better and hope what you’re facing you can conquer and exceed it. I hope this water bottle can help.”

Jared’s words are a great reminder of what each of us can do for someone who is facing difficult circumstances. We can acknowledge our own struggles, express empathy, and provide others with hope that things will get better. Thank you Jared, and all of the students who took time to work on this project.

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