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The Tierra Del Sol Foundation is an organization with a powerful mission—to empower people with developmental disabilities through workforce development. They work with individuals with disabilities to help them realize their full potential through education, employment and volunteerism in the community.

We have the pleasure of having six individuals from Tierra Del Sol visit us each week. They come with smiles on their faces, ready to work! They do a meticulous job of cleaning our common areas here at the Mission. They have willing hearts and are always ready to do whatever is needed each week.

Every individual is loved and valued by God and we as a community can be stronger if we all treat one another with love and respect. These individuals teach us about what it means to serve with a joyful heart. Thank you Anthony, Sergio, Yolanda, Jonathan, Aminta and Araceli. We appreciate all the work that you do as you serve our guests here at the Mission.

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