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Ending Homelessness With Hard Work And Helping Hands

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Mark is a humble man who built his life around working hard, both as a parent and in his career. About two years ago, he found himself facing homelessness, staying in a friend’s van. “My friend needed to move out of the state when we were living together,” Mark said. “I had no other choice, but to find a safe sleep spot outside.”

Living outside was challenging and Mark was unaware of the resources that were available to him. “I was determined to get myself out of my own situation,” he said. “I thought I could do it by myself. But I really couldn’t. I needed help from others.”

About a year ago, Mark began attending our mobile shower program and met our Homeless Navigator, Jim Brown. Jim, as well as a volunteer named Scotty Prewett, helped connect Mark to resources that could help him, while also working hard to advocate for Mark when it was needed.

As a result of his hard work, Mark recently got the keys to his own apartment. He reflected on what it took to get there: “It was coming to this shower unit,” he said. “These people are my friends. They gave me my dignity, were nice, and just helped to guide me to what I didn’t know I needed. I can’t thank Jim and Scotty enough.”

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