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Mothers Enjoy Afternoon Of Pampering, Relaxation

Woman putting on makeup

We believe a healthy community is a fundamental piece of our guests’ success. Recently, the Westfield Topanga Mall hosted our families for an afternoon of fun and pampering, with an event called “Mothers Are Beautiful.”

Erin Anderson, our lovely host and the marketing director at Westfield Topanga mall, coordinated the fun day out for our families. Macy’s Beauty provided free makeovers for our moms and teen girls. They loved being pampered and getting a chance to relax after a busy week of working, parenting, and job- and house-hunting. The mothers took a few hours to let the cares of the world lift from their shoulders as they enjoyed relaxing with one another and feeling extra beautiful. They beamed with confidence and were all smiling. Giving them a chance to do something for themselves and bond with one another is what they needed.

While the mothers were being pampered, Young Art Lessons provided entertainment for the kids. They enjoyed drawing and coloring activities and also received a gift bag with goodies. Red Robin served a delicious lunch for everyone. And last but not least, Pegasus Transit Inc. provided transportation from the Mission to the mall so everyone could attend.

We are thankful to all the sponsors that made this day happen. Our families had a much-needed day to relax and build healthy bonds.

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