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Jackie and Family Gain Stability, Support at the Mission

Jackie headshot

Many residents of Los Angeles County live paycheck to paycheck and it was no different for Jackie and her two children. After losing her job in December 2015, Jackie struggled to find work and was eventually evicted from her home. She feared that her family would have to live in their car, but was able to stay with a friend until she found the Mission.

When her family arrived at the Mission, Jackie couldn’t believe it. She was scared to bring her kids to a shelter because she expected long lines and plastic beds, but what she found was a space that was clean and safe with a staff that was welcoming, kind, and compassionate. Jackie used her time at the Mission to create stability for her family. She was hired by Ralphs and saved up to get an apartment.

Now almost two years later, Jackie and her family are thriving. She was recently hired by the Los Angeles Housing Service Authority as part of their Homeless Engagement Team. She is grateful for the opportunity to give back to the community. “I try to apply the same kindness, motivation, and dignity that I received at the Mission,” she said.

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