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It Takes A Village: Interns Commit To Kids Program

kids playing

“It takes a village” is a common phrase that we use when referring to parenthood and the impact that can be made when we have a community to lean on. Raising kids is no easy feat; we all need others to help us along the way. Here at the Mission, we have the unique opportunity to give these families just that—a village of people willing to encourage and love their kids. In our kid’s activities program, we want kids to have a safe and fun environment where they feel they belong.

This past year, we had a team of college interns who worked to build this program into something more than just childcare. They worked together to create a structured program by breaking the children into age groups and adding intentional, age-appropriate activities, including crafts, music class, imagination and role playing games and outdoor play. It is a space for kids to feel like they belong and put aside their worries during this challenging time for their families.

Our interns have truly embraced our mission to provide Refuge, Recovery, and Restoration to families in need through the help of our community, and they are inspiring many other volunteers to invest in the lives of the kids here at the Mission each week. Thank you to our wonderful intern team, and to all who give their time to invest in the life of a child!

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