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When people hear the term “shelter,” they often picture an institutional, unsafe, and unwelcoming environment. At the Mission, we strive to create an environment that breaks down these stigmas about shelters, and create a place for families to heal and thrive. This is a safe, loving, stable, and fun environment that is temporarily “home” to families experiencing homelessness.

We had the opportunity to partner with the Girl Scouts of America for two gold award projects this year that provided self-care, relaxation, and fun for our families. Amanda, a local Girl Scout, brought backyard beautification to our home. She connected with the families by helping them to beautify their backyard with new plants, herbs, soil, and mulch. Even the kids were digging their hands in the mud! She also provided engaging crafts for the kids to learn more about the environment over the course of several weeks. Every day, the kids get to grab their watering pails and watch their hard work grow.

Amanda also brought her love of dance to the kids. Over several weeks, she worked with them to learn a dance that they performed for their parents at a Friday Celebration. On that night, kids ages 4 to 13 danced their hearts out in front of a glittery rainbow backdrop. It was truly the highlight of the evening with the kids beaming ear to ear as they heard their parents cheering and clapping.

Creating an environment where families can heal and move forward is vital. Through the love, time, and creativity of our community, we offer a program where our guests have opportunities that otherwise may not have been available to them—opportunities that can allow them to grow and thrive.

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