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Fueling Kids’ Imagination—And Making An Impact

Shelly with kids

Our volunteers are passionate, loving, creative individuals who use their gifts, talents, and experiences to serve our guests in meaningful ways. Shelley is one such volunteer. Shelley uses her skills and passion for theater to bring imagination and fun to the kids in our home. “My favorite part about working with the kids is giving them a platform to just be kids,” she said. “All children should get to be free of worries and just play.” Shelley engages the kids in interactive and creative live play. Some days may be a trip to outer space or others a voyage on a pirate ship.

Volunteers at the Mission believe in and exemplify our value of dignity. They understand that our program needs passionate individuals to partner alongside us to make the most impact in the lives of these families. Shelley is a true example of love, kindness, and commitment. Investing in the life of a child doesn’t need to take a large chunk of time, money, or energy. It can simply be showing up for an hour a week to play a game, throw a basketball, or pretend to be on a trip to the moon.

“I don’t see despair,” Shelley said. “I see joy and hope. Everyone is treated with dignity and respect. We are all the same, and we all help each other. I am blessed to be a part of this amazing community.”

Shelley, we are truly the blessed ones to have you as a volunteer, thank you!

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