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Family Of 5 Once Again Has A Home Of Their Own

Karina with family

For Karina and her husband Antonio, becoming homeless did not happen in a day. It happened over the course of three years. While Karina, a mother of three, was attending school, Antonio worked full-time at a hospital. After a series of financial setbacks, Karina and the kids moved to Palmdale, while Antonio stayed close to his work. “The parting of my children from their dad was killing us as a family,” Karina said.

So Karina worked to find a solution to get their family back on its feet and they found themselves here at the Mission. At first, they were scared to come to the shelter—they didn’t know what to expect. But, “my kids loved being at the shelter,” Karina said. “They still miss it. I thought the shelter experience would have made my kids become angry with me, but the opposite happened. They loved that they had friends and both of their parents’ attention.”

The family ended up thriving in the shelter and took on the challenges of both parents working and learning how to manage their money. Antonio showed his appreciation on a daily basis by having a smile on his face and volunteering to work in the kitchen after an exhausting full day at work. All of their hard work paid off and they were able to find a place that they could call home once again.

We asked Karina what she would tell the people about the Mission, and she said: “The Mission is not only a place for misplaced family. It’s a place for those who are willing to learn and to grow. This place made my kids happy, safe, fed, and clean. I could not ask for more for my family.”

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