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Here at the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission, our small staff makes a lot happen, but that is only possible because of the essential services that are provided by our many volunteers. Carolyn Berger began volunteering with her “partner in crime,” Letty, about a year ago. She began serving faithfully every week, answering calls, greeting visitors, and doing pre-intake interviews with families.

Volunteering at the Mission has expanded Carolyn’s understanding of homelessness. Many people in the community believe that those who experience homelessness all have the same story; Carolyn has come to realize that they each come from unique circumstances. Her hope is to continue to spread awareness to her community about homelessness and how others can get involved.

Carolyn’s favorite part of serving at the mission is move-outs. “To be able to see the impact that the Mission has on these families is so incredible!” said Carolyn, who added that she loves to see families off as they move forward into their own homes.

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