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Film Tells True Story of an Unlikely Friendship

Same kind of different as me poster

A major feature film hitting the box office this month will shed some light on what you already know—supporting rescue missions, helping the homeless, getting involved— can save peoples’ lives.

“Same Kind of Different as Me” is based on the inspiring true story of Ron and Debbie Hall and their unlikely and life-changing friendship with Denver Moore, a homeless man they meet at an inner-city rescue mission in Fort Worth, Texas.

Ron, played by Greg Kinnear, is a successful art dealer who reaches out to Denver in an effort to save his marriage. Debbie recognizes Denver as a man from her dreams, someone she felt would “change their city and their lives.”

“(Debbie) could see through all the anger and she could see a heart inside of what really was a good man,” Ron said.

The Halls and Denver forged an unbreakable bond, and the film focuses on the healing that comes as a result of their friendship, faith and commitment to helping those in need.

“The film really sheds light on what we do every day,” said Wade Trimmer, director of the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission. “I think the more people understand the root causes of homelessness, it will affirm their conviction to get involved. Denver, like many who come through our doors, was scared, lonely and hurt, but experienced forgiveness and healing when he received a hand of friendship at the mission.”

Denver and Ron made more than 400 appearances together, inspiring people to support homeless ministries. Denver volunteered at the Union Gospel Mission, where he met the Halls, until he died in 2012.

“You know, if you want to see a world change, you have to be involved in that,” Hall said. “The only thing that will ultimately change a person is to love them and to not give up on them. And that’s what I want the world to see.”

“Same Kind of Different as Me” opens in theaters nationwide on Oct. 20.

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