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Sandy Claus is Coming to Town

Volunteer Sandy

“I like math, I’m very good at it!” shouted Daniel, “you’re just saying that because Santa told you,” Diana shouted back. They were chatting about a response letter that “Santa” had written to Daniel. He had not been doing very well in school but had recently received a letter from Santa, letting him know how proud Santa was of him. Daniel began to apply himself more at school and was doing better in math.

At the mission, we have a yearly tradition of counting down to Christmas by hosting fun-filled activities for the entire family. On one night, volunteers help children write letters to Santa. Last year, Sandy Neville a long-time volunteer, wrote response letters back to the children on behalf of Santa. Since then we’ve lovingly called her “Sandy Claus”

The children are what inspire Sandy to volunteer. “It’s all about those precious kids,” said Sandy. Writing letters is not the only thing that keeps Sandy Claus busy during the holidays, of course. Her favorite activity is working with the children to make individualized gifts for their parents. It brings so much joy to Sandy and the kids to keep the gifts secret from the parents, “We constantly shoo the moms out of the dining room so that they won’t see the surprise from the kids! I love how happy the moms are with their gifts,” recalled Sandy. We are so grateful for our Sandy Claus and the merry way she helps us spread joy during the holiday season.

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