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Time to Make a Change

Family photo

The Lopez family is an inspiration to all of us at the rescue mission. Francine and her two children, Moses (age 17) and Helena (age 9), moved into the shelter in August 2016. After leaving a domestic violence situation, the family became homeless. Francine shared, “One day I realized I had to make a change or else my children would become victims of domestic violence as well.” In the midst of their struggles, Moses was dealing with a three-year treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. The family came to the rescue mission discouraged and scared about their future. Over the course of six months, we saw an incredible transformation in the family. Francine was hired by Ralphs grocery store and was quickly moved into a management position. Moses started responding better than expected to his treatment and his treatment time was shortened by one year. At the mission, the family made many lasting friendships and benefitted from the various services provided. Francine shared, “I learned that I am stronger than I thought and that there are good people out there. I learned that I am worth loving.” Today the family is in their own apartment and doing well.

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