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Friday Nights at the Mission

Volunteers in kitchen

At the mission, we could not provide a high quality program for our families without the help of the community; we are thankful for our many partners. One of our partners is Rocky Peak Church. Over the past four years, the group has become an integral part of the mission. The last Friday of every month, the men and their families prepare a healthy meal, and offer a prayer and worship service for those families who are interested in faith. Manny, one of the group’s leaders, said, “We feel honored that we are able to serve each month, it has really expanded our view of community.” The men’s group focuses on helping the whole person through meals, friendship, and spirituality. If you come on a Friday night, you will find some of them in the kitchen preparing a meal, while others are spending quality time with our families. You will see some guys playing basketball with the kids, while others are in deep conversations, encouraging a mom or dad. Manny said, “The reason we keep coming back is because of these relationships and we continuously see the prayers of the guests being answered.” We love our partnerships with churches, synagogues, and various other groups from the community. They help us to give much-needed support to the families in our program.

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