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Hard Work Pays Off For Sasha And Her Family

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Sasha* and her two children didn’t have a home to call their own. They were renting a room when their landlord gave them three weeks’ notice to move out. Sasha was fleeing a domestic violence situation and didn’t have anywhere else to go. She began making phone calls and found the Mission.

“I was scared and nervous. I had no idea if I was doing the right thing. I didn’t want the kids’ school to know, because I thought being in the shelter was a bad thing,” Sasha said. “At times, I felt very overwhelmed.”

As her family got settled in at the Mission, she found that it was a safe place for her. She became comfortable enough to open up to her case manager, where she received encouragement and guidance to keep pushing forward. Through the ups and downs, she was able to maintain a sense of stability for her children and find gainful employment so that she could begin saving money for housing.

After just a few months, all of her hard work paid off and Sasha was able to find a home for her family. “I am forever grateful for being given the opportunity to stay in your home. Thank you for opening your doors and welcoming us in when we had nowhere to go.”

* This guest’s name and image has been changed to protect her privacy.


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