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Joel pauses high-pressure life to recover, reconnect

Both sets of Joel’s grandparents struggled with addiction, so he and his sisters were often warned about the danger of drugs and alcohol. “They all had heavy abuse issues,” Joel said. “It skipped my parents’ generation. They told me not to touch it, not to touch anything.” The warnings worked for a while. “I didn’t…

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Anita says the Mission makes her ‘feel like I have a family again’

Anita was born in Ghana and spent her life there until tragedy brought her to the United States. Her husband had been living in New York for three years, and brought their two children out to join him in September 2017. Just three months later in December, all three died in an apartment fire. “I…

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Crystal and her 4 kids built foundation at the Mission

Crystal’s father died when he was just 24, leaving behind a 21-year-old wife and three young daughters, ages 3, 5 and 6.“He had a heart attack, and all of my sisters and I were present when he passed away,” Crystal said. “It was tough. There was a lot of trauma from the beginning.” At 15,…

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Renewed Hope men’s program celebrates growth, success in second year

What a year. It is fair to say that no one really expected the year to turn out the way it has. A global pandemic, and an economic shutdown, and a contested election are just a few of the obstacles that our country, our counties, and our cities have faced over this year. The Mission…

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After a busy year, the Mission will focus on offering even more in 2021

In 2020, the pandemic and related closures only led to greater need in our community. We continued to provide COVID-safe street outreaches, a pop-up food pantry, our men’s recovery program, and shelter for families and single women. The year brought new levels of management to bear, but our staff and volunteers have rallied and adapted…

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After battle with depression, addiction, Royce starts new life after graduation

Royce lost his father when he was 7. “I was sitting on his lap with my sister one night, and he told us that he loved us. Then his eyes rolled back into his head.” The doctors said he fell into a coma. They said he would be OK, so my mom left the hospital.…

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Miguel aims to be a good example to his 4 children

Miguel said his girlfriend first caught his eye when she moved into his neighborhood when they were teenagers. They started dating when he was 16, and a year later, she was pregnant. “It was hard,” he said. “I didn’t have much time to have fun. I dropped out of high school and started working. I’ve…

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The Roth family grows in size, and in faith, at the Mission

Laurence and Camille both grew up in Northern New Jersey but didn’t meet until they both had relocated to Los Angeles. Laurence had struggled with heroin off and on since he was 19, but was a year clean when they met at a bar three-and-a-half years ago. The couple clicked instantly and even moved in…

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A series of tragedies, financial hardships leaves Vincent on the streets

Looking back at his childhood, Vincent recalls camping and spending summers surfing with his dad and three brothers. “He was a high school teacher, so he had the summers off, so we were just beach bums,” said Vincent, who added that his mom was a registered nurse. Vincent graduated from high school and then got…

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Serena ‘doesn’t let circumstances define’ her

Serena grew up in a household full of children. Her adoptive mother, a retired veterinarian, had adopted six other children. Serena, who came in at age 2, grew up with two older brothers and four younger siblings in their home in Long Beach. “I grew up with all of them,” she said. “It was adventurous.…

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Cindy is getting stronger, becoming a better person at the mission

Cindy was born in Colombia, but came to the United States with her mom and stepdad when she was 9. Their relationship ended, though, and Cindy was raised by a single mother. “Everything changed,” she said. “After that, I wasn’t really focusing in school. At the time, I didn’t really think it was that important.…

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Jose says the Mission has helped him ‘find himself in Christ’

Growing up with strict parents led Jose to push the limits as a kid, and it only continued as he got older. “I used school as an escape, a reason to do whatever I wanted,” he said. “In high school, I started skipping more and more. I remember once my mom caught me and walked…

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