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A Look Back At A Joyous And Successful Year At The Mission

2018 brought a lot of hope to the Mission. We celebrated major milestones in the lives of our guests, including first birthdays and 90th birthdays, and we celebrated students graduating high school and receiving scholarships from our Rotarian partners. The Mission even celebrated its 20th anniversary in the community this past September. We watched the…

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Victoria, Two Daughters Find Friends, Care And Compassion

Victoria and her husband moved from Uganda to the United States several years ago for their studies. He went on to join the military, and she went to school for medical assisting. They spent time at Fort Bliss in Texas, where he was stationed, and had a daughter, Darlene, now 6. After he left the…

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Living By Faith, Trusting In God

Esmeralda had been working hard at a financial company, when she inquired about a promotion. She knew she was qualified and was eager to move on to running her own branch. “I did everything I had to do to get my own branch, and it didn’t happen, so I started looking for other opportunities and…

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Nicole And Her Kids Leave Violence, Instability Behind

Nicole has been a professional caregiver for 11 years, so when her mother was diagnosed with acute leukemia last year, it was only natural that she took on that role for her mom. “I became her nurse,” Nicole said. “She didn’t want to go to a facility. She was diagnosed in February and died in…

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Guests Learn Valuable Job Skills In Whole Foods Employment Workshop

Whole Foods staff engaged our guests with a workshop on a recent Saturday morning, proving to be both helpful and fun. The job readiness workshop energized the guests to consider changing some of their employment practices to build better job skills. “I realized that what I need to change immediately at work is my body…

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Family Seeks Help After Pregnancy, Complications Swallow Savings

Parrie knew Richard was the one when he dropped everything to be with her in the aftermath of her mother’s debilitating stroke. He drove out to the desert in the middle of the night where Parrie was packing up her mother’s things, and immediately asked her to pray with him. “There was nowhere to sit…

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Markita Starts New Career, Finds New Home For Her Family

Moving to California was a difficult decision for Markita, but her mother was sick and needed her help. She decided to go on medical leave from her job and make the move, along with her two children, to care for her mother during her time of need. As her mother recovered, Markita began preparing to…

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Mom ‘Forever Grateful’ as She Prepares to Reunify With Her Kids

At the beginning of the year, we committed to building a closer partnership with the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS). As part of that partnership, we began to house mothers who are in the process of reunifying with their children who previously were not in their custody. Below is an open letter from…

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Family Of 5 Once Again Has A Home Of Their Own

For Karina and her husband Antonio, becoming homeless did not happen in a day. It happened over the course of three years. While Karina, a mother of three, was attending school, Antonio worked full-time at a hospital. After a series of financial setbacks, Karina and the kids moved to Palmdale, while Antonio stayed close to…

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Recognizing, Responding To Trauma Brings Healing

Here at the Mission, we are always looking towards best practices in the ways that we serve our guests. Trauma-Informed Care is one of the ways that we do that. Through this approach, our case managers and staff work to engage with our clients by recognizing and responding to the effects of all types of…

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Mothers Enjoy Afternoon Of Pampering, Relaxation

We believe a healthy community is a fundamental piece of our guests’ success. Recently, the Westfield Topanga Mall hosted our families for an afternoon of fun and pampering, with an event called “Mothers Are Beautiful.” Erin Anderson, our lovely host and the marketing director at Westfield Topanga mall, coordinated the fun day out for our…

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Ending Homelessness With Hard Work And Helping Hands

Mark is a humble man who built his life around working hard, both as a parent and in his career. About two years ago, he found himself facing homelessness, staying in a friend’s van. “My friend needed to move out of the state when we were living together,” Mark said. “I had no other choice,…

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