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Home Again to host on-site Christmas toy giveaway event

Home Again, a family program of the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission, will once again be on a new adventure for the 2021 holiday season. This year we have put on our thinking caps as a team to find creative ways to love and serve our local community. Although we are still dealing with this…

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Renewed Hope will focus on clients this Christmas season

Because of the size of our program at Renewed Hope, we take a very intimate approach to holidays like Christmas. As a staff, we have the opportunity to get to know our guys in very personal ways. Christmas is a time that is very difficult for most of our clients. Many of them are either…

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Liberty regains custody of her children at Home Again shelter

Liberty was born and raised in Los Angeles, an only child to a single mother. Her mom struggled with alcoholism, was verbally abusive, and didn’t support her educational opportunities. “I got pregnant when I was 18 and my mom made me have an abortion,” she said. “After that I became really depressed.” At one point,…

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Alicia focuses on healing herself, her daughters, after trauma

Ten years and three daughters later, Alicia and her husband’s relationship came to a tragic end. After days of fighting, Alicia’s often-abusive husband took his own life. “He would always threaten me, but I grew used to it,” Alicia said. “He locked himself in the room while the kids and I were there. I tried…

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Anthony relies on shower program while he gets back on his feet

It’s been almost three months since Anthony returned to Los Angeles. His doctor had advised him to move to a drier climate area due to a nasal health condition, and L.A. seemed like the right choice, as Anthony had lived here once before and still had friends in town. So several weeks ago, Anthony packed…

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Hayden joins Renewed Hope team after a calling leads him to ministry

After spending 10 years as in the film industry, Hayden is settling in on staff at Renewed Hope with a deep sense of fulfillment. “It’s been amazing,” he said. “I love coming to work every day.” Hayden grew up in a small farm town in Ohio. After getting the acting bug, he went out to…

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Daisha and her daughter escape abuse, build relationships at Mission

Daisha spent her childhood playing the piano, singing and taking acting classes. She grew up with her mom, dad, and two brothers in Lancaster, but unfortunately, her home life wasn’t great. “My parents didn’t get along most of the time so my dad would leave a lot, for weeks-sometimes even months-at a time,” she said. Daisha’s…

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Field trip exposes children to music, arts in Los Angeles

Four children had a special night out on the town recently, enjoying dinner, a concert, and a famous Los Angeles art installation. The kids, ages 11 to 15, are guests at Home Again, the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission’s family shelter. But before they headed out, Mission staff members Yadira Mena (case manager) and Cristina…

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Robert leaves ‘spiritually bankrupt’ version of himself behind

Robert was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley area with his parents and four siblings. “I lived the American dream growing up,” he said. “White picket fence … everything was hunk-dory until I turned 13 years old. My dad left us.” Robert’s dad was gone for two years and married someone else, leaving…

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One of Renewed Hope’s first grads now employed by the program

Vince is proud to say that he is one of the first graduates of the Mission’s men’s program, Renewed Hope. When he entered in September 2019, he wasn’t sure what the future held. But now, as a graduate and current employee, Vince is excited about what’s next. “I never had a foundation and the program…

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Karen feels ‘strengthened’ by her time at the Mission

Karen carried a lot on her shoulders as a kid growing up in El Salvador. At first, it was her parents and four siblings, but things changed when her parents divorced. “My dad moved to Spain, and after he left, I felt responsible for the care of my younger siblings,” she said. “My mom was…

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On the last Tuesday of the month, the corner of Edgemont Street and Fountain Avenue in East Hollywood transforms from being a place where those experiencing homelessness can receive a meal to a place where they can experience transformation. Renewed Hope, the Mission’s men’s recovery program, has been partnering with Reality L.A. to provide showers…

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